Weekend Update – Labor Day Edition

Great progress at the new location this week. Brew controls installed, gas lines pressure checked, fermenter cooling installed and bathrooms getting finished out. Still quite a lot to do, but should be brewing very soon. 

We hope to see you this coming weekend for Darrington Day (May 30). We won’t have beer, but will have some fun activities going on!


Saturday Update

Electrical inspections are complete as of this week. Cooler and freezer are hooked up and ready to chill out. Tomorrow we hope to be signed off on our (optional, but important) structural reinforcement of the central support column. 

As you can see from the pictures below, Neil and Kristin have been working hard putting the brewery together. 



This week we got sign off on the main are plumbing, and bathroom walls built out for the new ADA bathrooms. Great progress. Hoping for gas and chimneys installed and signed off this next week to fire up the system for a cleaning run. 


Salmonfly Update

Taking a break today and updating you all at the new brewery while hanging out with a very lost salmonfly. 

This week had great progress on most all fronts. The crews have finished the sidewalks and we got some of the windows cleaned up to let a bit more light thru. 


Inside the brewery things are coming along as well. We have the cooler set up, floor drain channels cut and dug, walls bare for new restrooms, and ready for plumbing.



As you can see from the photos above, still a lot in action. This next week we should be close to having propane hooked up, plumbing done and venting in place to start making some beer!

Stay tuned in the next couple weeks for more updates! 

Challenging delivery

We received word on Wednesday that our new brew system would arrive today (Thursday). The delivery was scheduled for 2-6 pm. Wednesday evening we heard that they began work on the new street. 


The makings of a moat in front of the building would not work well for a forklift. Stressful conditions to find after 3 months of planning.  

Deciding to try to get the construction crew to resolve the issue, the next surprise was the PUD arriving to install new telephone poles!


Luckily we were able to convince them to move their trucks and allow the construction crew to build us a drawbridge. 




With the help of our friends, minutes later we were unloading the truck and popping open crates!



We are looking forward to firing these babies up real soon! 

Much thanks to Dan, Oliver and the town of Darrington for the help and the shared excitement!  

Brewhouse Update

Ceiling and base colors have been going up at the new location in preparation for equipment installation. Next week will see paint finishing and plumbing, including a second bathroom and floor drains. Check out the photos for first look at the new colors.