Washington Beer Open House – Feb 20, 2016

fs-1-open_houseThe Washington Beer Lobby’s Open House event is this February 20, 2016. Get out there and visit some participating breweries (like River Time Brewing)! Plan your trip, bring a designated driver (or two), and make a tour of tasting some of the best that this state has to offer!

Check out the site (with interactive map).

If your run in to WA.B.L. out there, pick up your passport to keep the discovery going as you work your way through the 300+ local breweries in Washington State.


More RG!

Our main man Neil is cooking up a new batch of the RG Black IPA today. If you haven’t tried it yet, swing by the brewery this week for a glass or two, and try out the Stout. Mmmm, chocolate-y goodness!

Next in the rotation is our beloved Irish Gold which is still on tap. It is particularly good right now as the Kolsch yeast has been adding great citrus notes. 

Gett’n the Beer On

Today at River Time, our main man Neil is busy doing triple work:kegging the latest batch of the Irish Gold, “dry hopping” the P.I.G. (Peppered Irish Gold) with Serano and JalapeƱo, and brewing the much awaited Troy-Stout – our yummy oatmeal chocolate stout. And to set the record straight, there is absolutely no chocolate in there, just chocolate malt. 

Neil Kegging 


Makings of the Troy-Stout  


Happy Thanksgiving!

River Time Brewing will be Closed for the entirety of Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday, November 26-Sunday, November 29) to spend time with our families.Make sure to get your Thanksgiving growler fills this week!

We are so Thankful for every one of you.