The Team

Meet the River Time Team!

River Time is a local brewery, operated by real people. We love beer, meeting new people, the great outdoors, and having a great time.

The Founders


Lon (aka Mr Tizzy) and Troy (aka T-Roy) are the two founders of River Time. The story of how we started brewing goes something like this: Lon and Troy were sitting on a couch watching Beerfest (or football), drinking beer. Troy turned to Lon and said “Every thought about making your own beer?”. Lon replied “I did that once with a buddy, and I know some people who have, so lets do it.” We later realized we could make really good beer. That turned into brewing by the Sauk River in Darrington over the years, then making so much beer we got tired of giving it away, and so we got licensed.

The Backbone


Neil (aka Grasshopper) and Kristin (aka Face) are an awesome duo we met on the river. First as patrons, and now known as our Operations Manager and Public Relations (respectively). Kristin and Neil bring their energy and creativity to River Time and have helped us become what we are today.

Shore Support


Shawna (aka Mama Jean) is the backing for Lon, and has been with us from the beginning – back when we were brewing beer in Troy’s driveway. You might catch Shawna backing the bar, or running around keeping things moving, but don’t confuse here for Kristin’s twin sister!

International Relations


Yun is the one who keeps Troy in check and who is ensuring we have future brewery staff (Eli). In her spare time, Yun is working on expanding River Time to foreign markets, and Acting VP of Human Resources.

One thought on “The Team

  1. Went to your place for the first time this last Sun. Maggie was awesome and treated us both very nicely and was also very informative. We have been thinking of moving to D-ville, and our experience helped move us further in our decision.(well, not to mention the intro to Meltdown)((oh yeah, and the beer was really good too))
    Looking forward to the next visit.
    Mike and Mavis, Whidbey Island


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