Founder’s Club and Mug Club On Sale Now!

It has been a great year in the new location, and we are looking forward to growing with you, our loyal customers. Yesterday was the opening of signup at the brewery, and now we have opened up registration online!  Help us grow and become a thriving brewery in Darrington! We will use proceeds collected to increase our beer production and make the brewery something that Darrington continues to be proud of.

Sign up Online:

Both clubs Include:

  1. 25% more beer for same price (20 oz for 16 oz price)
  2. $2 off 1/2 Gallon Growler Fills ($1 off “Howler” fills)
  3. Annual Party just for Founders and Mug Club members
  4. Keg discounts

Mug Club Only:

  1. Annual Membership. Only 50 available
  2. Includes an annual schwag item
  3. Existing members get first option to renew

Founder’s Club Only:

  1. LIFETIME membership. Only 50 memberships.
  2. One-time Founder’s schwag item
  3. Option to buy annual Mug Club schwag item at deep discount
  4. Your mug on the wall, with your place marked with your name. Become a permanent part of our brewery.

When signing up, please leave your email in comments so that we can collect necessary information from you.

Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, September 3 will be the one-year anniversary of the Grand Opening at the new location in Old Town Darrington. This will be the official opening of the Founder’s and Mug Clubs, the unveiling of our 2016 Commemorative glass, and we will have food provided by the great people of Stick It or Stuff It food truck.

Check out the event at our FaceBook page

We look forward to seeing you all there, and helping you close out the Summer of 2016!


Founder’s Club and Mug Club Signup!

This upcoming Saturday, September 3rd marks our one year anniversary of the Grand Opening celebration in the new location. To celebrate this year we will be opening the signup for our Founder’s Club, and Mug Club!

We plan to use the funds generated from the clubs to expand our brewing capacity by adding 7bbl fermentation as well as more kegging. It is important to us to increase our production to enable distribution of our beer, and create a thriving business in Darrington – and keep making you excellent beer in the best place on earth!

We will be offering a total of 50 Founder’s Club memberships, and 50 Mug Club memberships. Both clubs will benefit from the following perks:

  • 20 oz pours of our beer for the 16 oz price
    • Yes, you get 25% more beer in each glass
  • $2 discount on growler fills
  • Discounts on keg purchase
  • Annual Founder’s & Mug Club party
  • Be the first to know for special events and opportunities

Key differences between Founder’s and Mug Clubs:

  • Mug Club
    • Renew annually.
      • Current Mug Club members will have first dibbs on renewal.
    • Includes a schwag item to be announced each year
    • All the benefits listed above
  • Founder’s Club
    • All the benefits listed above
    • One-time, For life.
      • 50 spots – when they are gone, they are gone
    • Personalized placard with your name on it by your mug
    • Can bring in your own mug, to hang on the wall
    • One-time Founder’s Club schwag (to be announced)
    • Optional purchase of annual Mug Club schwag (at a discount)


Mug Club – $75/year

Founder’s Club – $250, for life.

Signup will start on September 3, 2016 at opening of the brewery. Benefits of membership will be from Labor Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, each year.

Let us know if you have questions!


The journey to glassware (so far) 

When we opened the new location at the old town hall, we had a vision of serving beer in real glassware. We hate the number of disposable cups we go through. We’ve had a dishwasher from the very beginning, but it is (apparently) a long road to be able to use it. 

A History Lesson

The location we are in used to be the town hall, amongst other uses. After the city moved to the new location the building began deteriorating. The physical records of the building were stored inside and, like most everything else, were destroyed by leaks in the roof. This includes all architectural and septic information. 

When we acquired the building in February of 2015, we began bringing the building up to code. This meant remediation of mold, building completely new ADA-compliant bathrooms, installing floor drains, updating power and plumbing, ADA paved parking spot and of course building out the brewery (bar, smoke stacks, coolers, wash sink, etc.). 

We discovered along the way that lack of records is a big problem. We’ve generated our own to-scale floor plan, fortified the main support pilar (because there is no record of why there is a coupler in the middle) and continuously poked away at getting a permit from the county for glassware. Here are some of the signs you may have seen, or will see shortly:

Septic System

When we applied for our permit, the county informed us that they had no record of a septic system at our location. With no records, we had no choice but to dig up, document, then get a permit to rebuild (add a new drain field and additional tank). 

Preparing the Brewery

With the septic signed off by the county, Neil was informed that we still had several tasks inside the brewery to accomplish. With the inspection this Tuesday, Neil and Kristin set to work sealing the entire bar. Nothing on the bar is allowed to be bare wood, inside or out. Additionally, our hand wash sink had to be moved several inches forward, a “dump” sink installed by the dishwasher, our tap drip trays plumbed directly to the floor drains (versus catch containers in the cooler), and some additional plumbing changes. 

Next Steps

On Tuesday we did not get our permit, we are sad to say. Lots of hard work so far, but we aren’t giving up! Neil has a list of additional items for us to complete, and we have high hopes that you will soon be able to enjoy one of our beers in a real glass. And soon, you will hear more about our Founders, and Mug Clubs!

Until then, we look forward to serving you, but in plastic…