Challenging delivery

We received word on Wednesday that our new brew system would arrive today (Thursday). The delivery was scheduled for 2-6 pm. Wednesday evening we heard that they began work on the new street. 


The makings of a moat in front of the building would not work well for a forklift. Stressful conditions to find after 3 months of planning.  

Deciding to try to get the construction crew to resolve the issue, the next surprise was the PUD arriving to install new telephone poles!


Luckily we were able to convince them to move their trucks and allow the construction crew to build us a drawbridge. 




With the help of our friends, minutes later we were unloading the truck and popping open crates!



We are looking forward to firing these babies up real soon! 

Much thanks to Dan, Oliver and the town of Darrington for the help and the shared excitement!  

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