Founder’s Club and Mug Club On Sale Now!

It has been a great year in the new location, and we are looking forward to growing with you, our loyal customers. Yesterday was the opening of signup at the brewery, and now we have opened up registration online!  Help us grow and become a thriving brewery in Darrington! We will use proceeds collected to increase our beer production and make the brewery something that Darrington continues to be proud of.

Sign up Online:

Both clubs Include:

  1. 25% more beer for same price (20 oz for 16 oz price)
  2. $2 off 1/2 Gallon Growler Fills ($1 off “Howler” fills)
  3. Annual Party just for Founders and Mug Club members
  4. Keg discounts

Mug Club Only:

  1. Annual Membership. Only 50 available
  2. Includes an annual schwag item
  3. Existing members get first option to renew

Founder’s Club Only:

  1. LIFETIME membership. Only 50 memberships.
  2. One-time Founder’s schwag item
  3. Option to buy annual Mug Club schwag item at deep discount
  4. Your mug on the wall, with your place marked with your name. Become a permanent part of our brewery.

When signing up, please leave your email in comments so that we can collect necessary information from you.

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