SAVOR American Craft Beer Festival

Last night was the first of two nights at SAVOR festival. Brewer meeting was at 6:30, and doors opened around 7:30 to the public, and it was a swarm of excited people, tasting beer and tasting paired foods.

The venue, National Building Museum, pre-public was impressive. The calm before the storm.

As the public entered it became a flurry of conversations, happy guests, and lots of people in LOVE with the P.I.G. So many people came to taste our beer at such a rate that our staffer was always running. We ran out of pairing food very early on, much to our staffer’s dismay. We don’t think they anticipated the excitement we would generate in our Sweatsedo outfits!

We made lots of great friends last night, and are super excited for tonight’s sold out event.

See you tonight, SAVOR!

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