SAVOR 2018 Wrap Up

This morning we feel at home in DC. Rain and mid 60’s high temps. A fitting sendoff for our weekend here.

The second night of SAVOR was equally epic as the first. We made many new friends and informed them about Darrington, WA as being the scientifically-proven center of the best place on earth (narrowly beating out Glacier National Park by the presence of a skate park, and brewery).

The venue is simply amazing, and worth the trip in itself. Truly a premier beer festival.

Outcomes of our trip:

  • We met MANY AWESOME people and brewery folks from around the country
  • Made everyone want a Sweatsedo (Yes, we can get you your own, just ask us, or call them and tell them we sent you for a discount)
  • We met with the staff of 8 of our Federal legislators with the company of our WA Brewers Guild, Icicle Brewing and Fremont Brewing
  • The P.I.G./Hot Irish has been renamed to “Notorious P.I.G.” – it was great to see people telling others about it, and seeking us out at the festival. The line at our booth was LONG but we got everyone their samples.
  • We need the recipe for the pairing! Maybe SAVOR will publish the recipes?
  • Beer Industry is a Great Industry – we love our 6,000+ comrade craft breweries around the US (even though we only got to hang out with 90 of them this weekend)

Below are some more fun shots of SAVOR. Enjoy!

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