International Beer Day

August 3, 2018 is International Beer Day!


“The purpose of IBD is threefold:

  • To gather with friends and enjoy the deliciousness that is beer.
  • To celebrate the dedicated men and women who brew and serve our beer.
  • To bring the world together by celebrating the beers of all nations and cultures on this one remarkable day.

Raise your glass to celebrate the heroes behind each tasty brew. Cheers and Happy International Beer Day!”

These are all great purposes which we happily embrace! Come and celebrate with us!


Darrington Welcomes You!

There are some changes afoot at the brewery these days. Continual improvement mostly, but worth noting as we continue on our journey. The sign you see above is a gift from the town, and will likely become a part of our beer garden in the future.

Beer garden you might wonder? But it’s small? True fact, but in case you haven’t heard, we acquired the lot behind the brewery for expansion. It will take time, but we hope to turn it into a relaxing place to kick your feet up with a brew!

Also of note this week, we picked up an air conditioner. It’s not cold in the brewery by any means, but much more comfortable. No more sweating while enjoying your River Time beers!

SAVOR 2018 Wrap Up

This morning we feel at home in DC. Rain and mid 60’s high temps. A fitting sendoff for our weekend here.

The second night of SAVOR was equally epic as the first. We made many new friends and informed them about Darrington, WA as being the scientifically-proven center of the best place on earth (narrowly beating out Glacier National Park by the presence of a skate park, and brewery).

The venue is simply amazing, and worth the trip in itself. Truly a premier beer festival.

Outcomes of our trip:

  • We met MANY AWESOME people and brewery folks from around the country
  • Made everyone want a Sweatsedo (Yes, we can get you your own, just ask us, or call them and tell them we sent you for a discount)
  • We met with the staff of 8 of our Federal legislators with the company of our WA Brewers Guild, Icicle Brewing and Fremont Brewing
  • The P.I.G./Hot Irish has been renamed to “Notorious P.I.G.” – it was great to see people telling others about it, and seeking us out at the festival. The line at our booth was LONG but we got everyone their samples.
  • We need the recipe for the pairing! Maybe SAVOR will publish the recipes?
  • Beer Industry is a Great Industry – we love our 6,000+ comrade craft breweries around the US (even though we only got to hang out with 90 of them this weekend)

Below are some more fun shots of SAVOR. Enjoy!

SAVOR American Craft Beer Festival

Last night was the first of two nights at SAVOR festival. Brewer meeting was at 6:30, and doors opened around 7:30 to the public, and it was a swarm of excited people, tasting beer and tasting paired foods.

The venue, National Building Museum, pre-public was impressive. The calm before the storm.

As the public entered it became a flurry of conversations, happy guests, and lots of people in LOVE with the P.I.G. So many people came to taste our beer at such a rate that our staffer was always running. We ran out of pairing food very early on, much to our staffer’s dismay. We don’t think they anticipated the excitement we would generate in our Sweatsedo outfits!

We made lots of great friends last night, and are super excited for tonight’s sold out event.

See you tonight, SAVOR!

Brewers Association Hill Climb 2018

Yesterday we participated in the Brewers Association Hill Climb – an event to bring brewery perspective to our DC legislators. We discussed issues such as the extension of the Craft Beer Modernization Act, how tariffs on aluminum, steel and related products impact our industry, how breweries are a growing component of a sustainable economy, and how proper funding for the TTB helps us get our products on time (by staffing to approve beer labels). We personally met with staff for 8 senators and representatives of WA State, across many different buildings.

We began our day on the steps of the Capitol Building with our new friends from the WA Brewers Guild, Icicle Brewing and Fremont Brewing.

There were miles of crazy hallways and secret tunnels which we traveled to get from one place to another. All of DC seems to be connected with a lattice of tunnels, and even trams and a subway system.

While we were focused on WA State legislators, we enjoyed running into our other fellow brewers who were visiting their legislators. We crisscrossed each other between meetings constantly all day, making a presence in DC.

The day finished with a reception in the Rayburn building for all legislators and their staff to try beer from around the US.

For more information, check out the article published on the Brewers Association site:

We would also like to add that our Sweatsedo outfits were a HIT on Capitol Hill. So many people stopped us and commented. We weren’t missed in any crowd! If you want one, let us know – we can hook you up 🙂

Beer Traveler

Out here in Sydney this week, and checking out beers on the other side of the world. Stopped in at All Hands Brewing House on the King Street Wharf and discovered their delicious Dirty Root Ginger Beer – beer brewed with ginger and lemon juice.

What are your thoughts on something like that this summer?